The Jubilee Cycle (Full-length version)

By Larry and June Acheson  (Last updated 12/26/2009)


We have compiled well over 300 pages (comprising four sections) in addressing this topic, making this one of the most comprehensive Jubilee treatises we've ever seen (although I'm sure there are larger ones out there).  Our study began with a seven-page overview that only covered our primary reasons for believing as we do, but it progressed to a massive exposť chronicling a man's attempt to reconcile his version of the Jubilee cycle with the Scriptural record.  This topic really should be as simple as answering the question of how there can possibly be such a thing as a "50th Year" that coincides with a "1st Year," but the individual whose challenges compelled us to become involved in this Jubilee Controversy seems to prefer complicating what should be a simple answer.  We thoroughly address the peculiar "50th Year = 1st Year" aspect of this man's doctrine, as well as the Scripturally-absent  "exception" requiring only five years of sowing and reaping (instead of the specified six) during the first Sabbatical cycle of every Jubilee Cycle for those who join him in promoting a 49-year Jubilee cycle.


Although our study addresses the length of the Jubilee cycle, our core concern lies with the fact that many authors of Jubilee studies focus their attention on the timing of end-time events.  The individual who challenged us on this issue, for example, promotes his view that the Jubilee cycle consists of 49 years while simultaneously proclaiming the year 2015 as the beginning of the 6000th year of history -- the pivotal year preceding the beginning of the seventh Millennium.



The Jubilee Cycle

By Larry and June Acheson


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Part I:  A 49 or 50-Year Cycle?

For those who are interested in the study of the Jubilee Cycle, I believe this section of our study is the only one you need to review.  As you do, you will soon find out that the length of the Jubilee Cycle is not really what this issue is all about.  It's really all about the timing of the Messiah's return.  Our primary opponent steadfastly denies this claim while simultaneously informing his readers that the 6,000th year of history will occur during the year 2015 and that the Messiah must return at some time within the ensuing year.  What does the Jubilee Cycle have to do with this man's timing of the 6,000th year of history?  Everything!

     Introduction:  Why Address the Jubilee Cycle?


     Is the Jubilee Cycle 49 or 50 Years?


1. The Connection Between Jubilee Cycles and the Timing of the Messiah’s Return


2.  Only Five Years of Reaping and Sowing Between the Jubilee and the Next Sabbatical Year?


3.  Does the “Mur 24E” Document Prove Five Years of Sowing & Reaping Following a Jubilee Year?


4.  Conflicting Jubilee Formulas


5.  Mistaken Associations


6.  The Claim:  Yahweh Did Not Require the Israelites to Observe the First Jubilee that Fell After Their Entrance into the Promised Land


7.  The Prophecy of Daniel 9


8.  Historical Evidence for Jubilee Years


9.  Putting Glenn Moore’s Alleged Sabbatical Year of 68/69 to the Test


10.  Trusting the Seder Olam Over and Above Eyewitnesses … and Scripture


11.  50-Year Jubilee Cycle Calendar Aligns With Seder Olam’s Claim Regarding the Temple’s


12. Do “Amazing Mathematical Alignments” Prove the Length of the Jubilee Cycle?


      Can We Produce an “Amazing Mathematical Alignment” Chart With 50-Year Cycles?


      Another “Amazing” Chart:  50-Year Cycles of “Major Events” from Secular History




Part II:  Objections to Glenn Moore’s “Answers to Objections”

As with many topics of a controversial nature, there are bound to be objections to various lines of reasoning.  The topic of the Jubilee Cycle, widely recognized as a controversial issue dating back at least as far as the first century, is replete with disagreements and objections.  During the course of reviewing Glenn Moore's reasoning for upholding the 49-year Jubilee Cycle, I had numerous objections.  Glenn had answers, but as you will see if you read through this section, I did not find them to be satisfactory.


1.  The New Course Charted by Glenn Moore … Did We Quote Him “Out of Context”?


2.  Will this Debate Cause Others to Become Discouraged With Glenn’s Research?


      Rise of the Skeptics


3.  Did I Misrepresent Glenn’s Comment Regarding First Century Judaism?


4.  Does a 50-Year Jubilee Cycle Interfere with Continuously-Repeating Sabbatical Cycles?


5.  If the 50th Year Represents Eternity, Should We Also Understand it As Being the First Year?


6.  Is the Six Years of Sowing and Reaping Law a “Hard and Fast” Rule?


7.  Did the Israelites Enter the Promised Land During a Jubilee Year?


     No Passover Observance Between the Exodus and Entrance Into the Promised Land?


8.  Did Joshua Read the Book of the Law During a Sabbatical Year?


     Adding Two Words to the Same Verse


9.  The Gardens of Gilgal:  Harvesting Fresh Produce in Time for the Feast of Tabernacles?


10.  Did the Israelites Wander in the Wilderness for Forty Years or Forty-One Years?


11.  Should We Be Alarmed Regarding Glenn’s “Selective Scholarship”?


       Selective Scholarship and Glenn’s Talmudic References


       Selective Scholarship and Glenn’s Use of the Seder Olam


       Selective Scholarship and Glenn’s Use of The Book of Jubilees


       The Book of Jubilees and The Feast of Weeks


       Selective Scholarship and Glenn’s Use of Philo’s Writings


       Selective Scholarship and Glenn’s Use of Josephus’ Writings


       Did Josephus Agree That the Jubilee Cycle Consists of 49 Years?


12.  Glenn Defends Himself Against the Charge of “Selective Scholarship”


       Benedict Zuckermann Disagreed With Glenn Moore’s Dating of Maccabees Sabbatical Year


13.  I am a Date-Setter


14.  Do the Dead Sea Scrolls Prove the Length of the Jubilee Cycle?


15.  Playing Glenn’s “Numbers Game”




Part III.   Do Sabbatical Years Start in the Spring (Abib) or the Fall (Tishri)?

June and I are persuaded that Yahweh's original calendar began in the spring and that this calendar has never changed.  We are also persuaded that this is when both Sabbatical and Jubilee years begin.  Our primary opponent in this issue maintains that the original calendar began in the fall.  This section covers our perspective versus that of Glenn Moore.


1.   When Does Yahweh Command the Year to Begin?


      Glenn’s “Child/Father Day of Atonement Discussion Scenario”


2.   Does “Logic and Nature” Indicate When the New Year Should Begin?


3.   Does Joel 2:23 Indicate That the “First Month” of the Year is in the Fall?


4.   Did Ancient Persians Use a “Spring-to-Spring” Regnal Calendar?


5.   Did the 5th Century bce Jews on Elephantine Island Reckon the Scriptural Year from Fall-to-Fall?


6.   Did Philo and Josephus Go By a “Fall-to-Fall” Calendar?


7.   Did the Flood of Noah’s Day Begin in the Fall?


      Does the Book of Jubilees Offer Evidence of a Fall or Spring Flood?


      When Did the Author of The Book of Enoch Understand the Year to Begin?


8.   Did King Josiah Observe a Fall-to-Fall Calendar?




Part IV.  Glenn Moore’s Justification for Reneging on His Vow

Truth seekers should strive to be servants of the Almighty.  We should also seek out the fellowship of like-minded servants.  I am not about to claim to know who Yahweh's true servants are, but there are signs that we use in determining who His servants aren't.  Glenn Moore claims to be one of the Almighty's servants.  This section outlines why we are persuaded otherwise.  June and I are not out to attack or demean others, and we certainly understand that we're going to have disagreements with many individuals when it comes to religious matters.  We try to respect our differences with others.  However, when, during the course of a disagreement, dishonesty and lack of integrity are brought to bear and the individual continues to operate a "ministry" under the guise of being a servant of the Almighty, we will not "sweep it under the rug."  The lack of integrity becomes a contingency that we believe others should consider.  So long as Glenn Moore continues to dishonor the vow he made during the course of our discussion while simultaneously operating a "ministry" for which he solicits contributions, we plan to make this section of our study available to anyone wishing to fully investigate this matter. 


1.  To All Fruit Inspectors:  Do Yahweh’s Servants Honor Their Vows?


2.  Did Jephthah “Follow Through With His Vow”?


     Glenn’s “Final Answer” and King Saul’s Broken Vow


3.  The Bottom Line -- Torah Obedience!


4.  Arrogance, Violent Opposition and “Killing the Messenger”


5.  My Open Response to Glenn Moore’s Open Letter






The Jubilee Cycle (Our original study)

by Larry and June Acheson

This study started out very small -- only seven pages.  While some of the things we wrote needed some clarification, the basic principle is still the same, and it takes a lot less time to read than our updated version!



In response to The Jubilee Cycle

by W. Glenn Moore

(W. Glenn Moore's response to our original study)

This was Glenn Moore's response to our original study.  It includes a challenge he made to me ... and a vow that he chooses not to honor.




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