Over the course of the past two decades, a new teaching has emerged that has impacted many who choose to honor our Heavenly Father's command to observe His weekly Sabbath day.  This controversy has to do with which day is the "true Sabbath day," and the primary target of these groups is the Sabbath day as handed down to us by Judaism ... the Sabbath which falls on the day commonly known as "Saturday."  A group of believers known as "Lunar Sabbatarians" promotes the belief that the weekly Sabbath as ordained by our Creator is governed by the lunar cycle, and their teachings have infiltrated Messianic and other Sabbath-keeping groups, first creating doubts, then gaining new converts.  When a fellow believer eventually revealed that he was a lunar sabbatarian, and challenged us to disprove this belief system, June and I personally experienced this now-familiar tactic practiced by other (though certainly not all) lunar sabbatarians.   As I just mentioned, lunar sabbatarians teach that the weekly Sabbath is governed by the lunar cycle and is "reset" every month to coincide with the new moon.  Therefore, in one month the weekly sabbath might fall on Saturdays, but the following month it might fall on Mondays.  Obviously, for those who strive to obey our Heavenly Father's commandment to rest on the day of His weekly Sabbath, this is a very serious issue; therefore, we are devoting an entire webpage to addressing the arguments presented by proponents of the Lunar Sabbath doctrine.

In 2003, June and I completed a fairly in-depth study entitled Something Different:  Lunar Sabbaths.  This study has been sent to many people and is still available on a few web sites out there.  Upon completing it, June and I felt that we could just move on and allow anyone who is still persuaded that our Heavenly Father ordained the observance of Lunar Sabbaths to proceed as they feel led.  However, one thing led to another, and as a result, that original study is currently in the process of being updated.  It's a slow process because, as one lunar sabbatarian used to frequently say, "We have bigger fish to fry."  Nevertheless, from time to time, we will add an occasional chapter.  Three of the new chapters were added due to an Internet friend's request for assistance in responding to lunar sabbatarian challenges.  Other chapters will eventually be added as a result of some additional challenges that were presented during the course of my three-year stint in an Internet discussion forum.

We are not composing our study in an attempt to persuade you to believe a certain way.  Rather, our study is written from the perspective of our response to various lunar sabbatarian challenges.  Our prayer is that the answers we have found are answers that our Heavenly Father has provided for us during our "wilderness journey," and if those answers help just one person to "stay the course" laid out by Yahweh, then it will have been worth the effort.  You may read our responses and disagree with some or all of them.  If so, you are welcome to contact us to express why you disagree, hopefully while offering constructive criticism with supportive evidence validating your claim.  Otherwise, if you do not agree and you choose to "agree to disagree," that, too, is your choice.  Regardless, what we are offering here is our perspective based on what we believe Yahweh has revealed to us through His Word.  

We can be contacted at seekutruth at aol dot com. 

May Yahweh guide us together into the truth and may He give us the strength and the desire to abide within His will.


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Something Different:  Lunar Sabbaths           

 Updated Study (in progress)

                         by Larry and June Acheson




1.   What are Lunar Sabbaths?


2.  The Transition from Lunar Sabbaths to Continuously-Repeating  Weekly Sabbaths


3.   Joining the "Remnant" Bandwagon!


4.   More Lunar Sabbatarian "Hardball":  Associating Modern Judaism  With the Term "Saturday"    


5.   Why You Can't Find "Saturday" in the Bible


6.   The Sabbath Observed by the Messiah (Part 1)


7.   Lunar Sabbatarianism and the "Critical View"  -- by Chuck Henry


8.   The Sabbath Observed by the Messiah (Part 2)


9.   “Jericho: A Battle March on the Sabbath???”


10. Does Deuteronomy 5:15 Prove An Abib 15 Sabbath?


11. When Passover Falls on the Day of the Weekly Sabbath


12.  Extended Sabbath Days Or Extended Worship Days?


13. Stranded on a Deserted Island


14. Do We Worship Satyr?


15. Is There a “No Trade” Restriction on the Day of the New Moon?

16. Addressing the “Proof Texts” of Genesis 1:14, Psalms 104:19 & Leviticus 23:2-3

  (Updated 10/14/2011, 07/03/2022)


Lunar Sabbath Mini-Study

A Brief Overview Composed in 2006

by Larry and June Acheson




Something Different:  Lunar Sabbaths

by Larry and June Acheson


This is our semi-original study, as published in 2003 (the original study consisted of 22 pages and was an insert in a fellow believer's newsletter)




Answering Troy Miller's Rebuttal Attempt to our Study "Something Different:  Lunar Sabbaths"


by Larry Acheson


Our semi-original study seems to have drawn the ire of some lunar sabbatarians.  It prompted Troy Miller to put us in his "Hall of Shame," where he also offers a "rebuttal" to our study. We have begun a response to his rebuttal attempt -- but only as time allows.  In a soap opera-like setting, we have a combination of stubborn pride, and an inference that June and I would support "slaying" lunar sabbatarians!



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